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Ab Carver Pro

The Harbinger® Ab Carver Pro has a kinetic engine, comprised of a durable carbon steel spring, offering resistance as your roll out and assistance as you roll back to amplify ab and arm workouts. It features an ultra-wide wheel tread that increases stability when carving left or right to work obliques, and the ergonomic hand grips are angled to help activate arm and core muscles.
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A great tool to help you develop and train core strength and stabilize the pelvis and spine.


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Suitable and ideal for:
  • Power Lifting, Gym & Training, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Crossfit
  • Ultra-wide wheel tread offers stability when carving left, right or centre for targeted work on obliques
  • Interior kinetic engine uses a carbon steel spring providing resistance and amplifing abdominal and arm workout
  • Ergonomic handles are angled to activate arm and core muscles; handles are removable for easy storage and transport
  • Includes high-density foam kneepad for super comfort